Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving to Ohio, Burpee Fame, and Jurassic Journeys post

With two weeks left before our big move, Dan and I have begun to pack...and pack...and pack. As you can see, the mountain of boxes continues to grow. We pick the U-Haul truck up on the 27th, and we'll be on the road by the 28th. The 10 hour drive will be a long one, but I can't wait to start moving in asap!

Last week, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone in Hanksville, Utah. Since we left, the Burpee crew had a fantastic week meeting and greeting the cast of "John Carter of Mars," including Willem DaFoe and Samantha Morton. Dinosaur material was discovered on set, and Burpee was called in to help excavate. Several celebrities aided in the digging and prep. So cool!!

Lastly, look for an upcoming post by me on Dr. Matt Bonnan's blog ( I'll be commenting on my Master's experience at WIU and my general adventures in Paleo. :)


  1. Like the panda atop the mountain o' stuff.

  2. Hahaha.....that's Ping! Dan's class won him by selling magazines. Ping is going with us to help Dan document our adventures in Ohio for the junior high kids to read. :)

  3. Aww, that's cool! He must really miss those kids.