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Some good books to consider

In order to prepare for teaching portions of the WIU paleo field course, I've been perusing the two class texts: Dinosaurs: A Very Short Introduction by David Norman and Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau by Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney (both can be found on and Amazon as well).
Dinosaurs is a familiar text for me, as we've used it for a couple of years now. It is a quick read with some general science history about how and why dinosaur paleontology/paleobiology have been shaped into the professions they are today. Additionally, as Norman is an expert on hadrosaurs, he uses duck-billed dinos frequently as examples to illustrate major dinosaur research topics such as histology (LAGs, growth charts, poikilo/homeothermy), EPB and soft tissue reconstruction, molecular/protein analysis, FEA, etc.

I have yet to read the second book, Ancient Landscapes, all the way through, but the artwork has already proven impressive. I am especially excited to see that the aut…