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29th Annual Karger Workshop Program

Below is the program for this year's Karger Workshop (PDF copy here). Hope you can join us! --Ashley

Anatomical Dissections - Past and Present

Later this week, Washington University in St. Louis will be hosting the 2017 Vascular Access Society of the Americas (VASA) Hands-On Practium on Hemodialsis Access. Hundreds of health professionals will be attending to learn more about the latest in vascular access (VA) procedures.

One of the activities available for VASA attendees is a viewing and presentation of human anatomical structures related to VA procedures in the upper limb. Today, some of the WU-SOM anatomy faculty dissected fresh (not embalmed) anatomical specimens, which we'll be presenting for the VASA activity. This was my first-ever dissection of fresh human tissue, and I'm truly honored and humbled to have had the experience.

Human anatomical dissection dates back well over two millennia to Greek physicians in Alexandria. For much of the time since, human dissections were either outlawed or conducted on fresh tissue. However, starting around the time of the American Civil War, embalming became a standard prac…

2017 Karger Workshop Line-Up Now Live

Hi all! Long time, no see!

I'm pleased to share with you the finalized speaker line-up for this year's Karger Workshop in Evolutionary Neuroscience (! The 2017 Karger Workshop is entitled: “From fossils to function: integrative and taxonomically-inclusive approaches to vertebrate evolutionary neuroscience.”

The workshop will feature presentations and discussions that touch on three main subtopics:
Comparative studies of brains in a wide array of extant vertebrate taxa, with special focus on groundbreaking structural and functional neuroimaging techniquesBest practices for the inference, reconstruction, and comparative investigation of endocranial soft-tissue structures in extinct vertebrate taxa Moving towards research that embraces an integrative approach (i.e., incorporating evidence from extinct and extant taxa), with an emphasis on deliberate, incremental studies of nervous system form and function within and across Vertebrata Workshop attendees get a…